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Yoga Base London is a studio like no other. It is a jewel in the heart of Camden, bringing authentic and traditional yoga to the area.

172 Arlington Road is truly unique, the studio is situated on the second floor of a beautiful period property a short walk away from Camden High street and Tube station.

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Frequently asked Questions

At Yoga Base, we are not just a yoga studio – We are your place for holistic well-being. Our inclusive environment welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

We would love for you to join our Moon Flow class! It’s a soothing and rejuvenating experience that blends yoga with meditation and Yoga Nidra. You will enjoy extended seated and reclined poses, allowing you to dive deep into relaxation and tranquillity.

Yes, you can practice yoga with joint pain. Choose gentle styles and modifications to ease discomfort. Yoga can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce inflammation over time. Consult with a healthcare professional or yoga instructor for tailored guidance.

Practice yoga as often as your schedule allows, aiming for at least 3-4 weekly sessions for noticeable benefits. Even once a week can be beneficial. Find a routine that fits your lifestyle and listen to your body’s needs.

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**We encourage you to book directly through us to support our charity partners like WYKD and Euston food bank, and to help us expand our community by providing free yoga classes for those over 65. Your support embodies the true essence of Yogabase – strength, community, and commitment. Join us in making a difference today.