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Corporate Yoga Packages

At Yogabase London, we're thrilled to introduce our new corporate yoga programs designed to enhance workplace wellness and foster a positive company culture. Partnering with us means investing in the health and well-being of your team, promoting engagement, and creating an environment of strength, flexibility, and harmony. Our experienced yoga instructors tailor each session to accommodate all levels of fitness and experience, ensuring that every employee can benefit.

This is a fantastic opportunity to reduce stress, improve office relationships, and boost overall morale. Many companies find our yoga sessions perfect for team-building activities and professional development workshops. Discover how corporate yoga can transform your workplace today!

Individual Class Packages

Single Session

Perfect for employees seeking to experience yoga or integrate it into their busy routines, our single session option offers flexibility and convenience.

Monthly Subscription

For a monthly subscription per employee, your team members can enjoy unlimited access to our diverse range of yoga classes and wellness activities.

Discounts on Workshops and Masterclasses

Corporate members receive a 20% discount on all our workshops, masterclasses, and future retreats, providing opportunities for personal growth and development.

Best Sound Bath Session

Experience the ultimate relaxing sound bath healing session mid-week with the UK's most talented sound musician, featuring gongs and crystal bowls.

Specialized Sessions

Our offerings include Yoga Base Yin and Sound Bath, as well as Flow to Restorative sessions every Sunday, providing a serene and rejuvenating experience.

Team Building Sessions

15-18 employees

Half-Day Workshop

A 3-hour immersive yoga and mindfulness session focused on stress relief and team bonding once in a month.

Weekly Team Classes

Regular one-hour sessions scheduled at the company’s convenience to foster continuous team building over a mindful yoga class.

Customization and Flexibility

Tailored Programs

Custom yoga programs can be designed based on the specific needs of your employees.

Flexible Scheduling

Classes can be scheduled before, during, or after work hours.

How to Get Started

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Program Design

We will design a tailored yoga program for your team.


Begin your corporate yoga journey with a free trial team building session.

We look forward to partnering with your company to create a healthier,
happier, and more productive workplace.