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Leo Lourdes

Leo Lourdes is a globally renowned yoga master and transformational coach who has dedicated his life to improving well-being. Creator of Brahma Yoga and author of "A World of Yoga," he has taught over 40,000 people worldwide. Leo curates wellness events at The Shard and was the youngest consultant on Harley Street at 22. He runs the Lamu Yoga Festival in East Africa, supports a Himalayan orphanage, and is passionate about ecology, songwriting, and mountain climbing. His unwavering commitment to wellness and transformation inspires all who meet him.

Durga Devi

Durga Devi, formerly Denise Teperino, is a former dancer and competitive gymnast from NYC. Introduced to Jivamukti yoga in 1994 by friends, she found the physical practice intuitive and was deeply moved by its chanting, philosophy, and ancient teachings. Certified as an Advanced Jivamukti instructor in 2002, she taught at the New York Centre before moving to London in 2005 to help establish the Jivamukti Yoga London centre. In 2022, she became a founding teacher of Love Supreme Projects. Durga has led retreats and workshops across New York, the UK, Europe, and India.

Lauren Lane

Lauren co-founded WYKD, a non-profit community yoga initiative, in 2021 to provide free, inclusive yoga classes for all. Starting her teaching journey in 2019 at Sangyé Yoga School under Cat Alip Douglas and Phil Douglas, she remains dedicated to all eight limbs of yoga. A practitioner of Bhakti Yoga, Lauren blends strong Vinyāsa sequences with devotional aspects in her "Bhakti-Vinyāsa" classes, using themes and traditional teachings like the Yoga Sutras. Her mindfully curated playlists enhance the experience, fostering seamless transitions and playfulness. Lauren's inclusive approach ensures accessibility for all, inviting students to explore yoga’s transformative potential.

Keri Perkins

Keri Perkins is a dedicated yogi and expert in communications, culture marketing, and music strategy. A senior Jivamukti yoga and Yogasana teacher, she also coaches in Jungian life. Keri teaches vinyasa yoga, meditation, and breathwork, inspired by her transformative introduction to Jivamukti at a Snow festival. She founded We Are Boogie Sound, blending yoga with live music, collaborating with Pioneer DJ, The Ministry, and more. Co-founder of WYKD, a non-profit offering free and affordable yoga, Keri’s mission is inclusivity and accessibility. With a focus on mental health, she delivers workshops for the music industry, drawing on her extensive background in yoga, psychology, and music. Keri has spoken at events like Soho Radio, Tate Late, and the House of Commons.

Katrin Barrass

Katrin has been practicing yoga for 25 years, exploring styles like Hatha and Ashtanga. She discovered Iyengar yoga after her third child to alleviate severe lower back pain and manage high blood pressure. Katrin emphasizes precise instructions and optimal alignment to help students achieve their best. She completed her teacher training in Africa and the Middle East, qualifying in 2018, and has attended the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute in Pune twice. Since 2020, Katrin has been teaching locally in North London, helping students find balance and space in their lives.

Claire farman

Claire, a revered figure in London's yoga community, boasts extensive experience in yoga and ancient healing practices. A multifaceted individual, she is not only a seasoned yoga teacher but also a healer and artist. Additionally, Claire has a storied past as one of the pioneering activists for Greenpeace.

Laurine Bescond

Bonjour! I'm Laurine, originally from France, now spreading the joy of yoga in the UK. While pursuing law, I stumbled upon yoga during exams, instantly igniting a passion for holistic wellness. Transitioning from corporate life, I embraced yoga teaching to empower others, fostering self-confidence and inner peace through practice. With a heart full of gratitude, I'm committed to guiding students on their journey to a balanced and harmonious life, one breath at a time.

Andrew sabapathy

Hailing from India and raised in the UK, Andrew embarked on his yoga journey in 2016 driven by a passion for stretching and movement. Despite being a relative newcomer, his thirst for knowledge in functional movement fuels his dedication to continuous growth and understanding in his practice.

Rose Wild

With over seven years of personal practice and three years of teaching experience, Rose is a dedicated and inspiring Yoga Instructor. Trained in various styles of Yoga and Meditation, she is committed to providing comprehensive instruction while creating a safe and inviting atmosphere for all students. Rose's innovative teaching plans aim to support each individual, honoring the essence and tradition of yoga. She encourages students to meet themselves where they are, offering a space for self-discovery, mindful movement, and inner connection. Drawing from a background in dance, Rose brings a deep understanding of the body's physical and energetic aspects to her classes, inviting everyone to move, breathe, and feel with love and kindness. Read More

Ceri Lucy Jones

Ceri embarked on her yoga journey with thorough training at the Power Yoga Company in London, where she immersed herself in learning with dedication and passion. Today, her classes are a dynamic fusion of fluid, dynamic flows, emphasizing balance, strength, and lengthening. Through carefully curated playlists, Ceri elevates the practice, offering a sensory experience that celebrates the rhythm of each sequence, inviting students to explore and play on the mat.

Hien N

Hien is a stretch therapist, teacher, and yoga student dedicated to holistic well-being. Her journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she found solace and healing in yoga. Inspired by this experience, she pursued teacher training to support others' mental and physical health. Specializing in Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative Yoga, Hien's philosophy centers on inclusivity, believing that "Yoga is for Everybody." Her classes are known for their welcoming atmosphere and modifications to suit all levels.

Tabatha Gregg-Allured

Tabatha, a graduate of The House of Yoga in Putney, specializes in Power, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga. Coming from a background in martial arts and fitness, Tabatha passionately advocates for the transformative benefits of yoga on both the mind and body, emphasizing the power of breath awareness. Tabatha firmly believes in making yoga accessible to all and finds joy in teaching both on and off the mat. With yoga deeply woven into her life for many years, she eagerly anticipates the path it will lead her next.

Seamus Casey

Seamus discovered Yoga in 1990s NYC, integrating it into his martial arts background. After drama school, he deepened his practice under an Iyengar teacher in North London. Certified in 2017, he now shares his passion through regular asana and pranayama classes, enriching his students' lives.

Chloe White

Chloe's yoga journey began in 2013 during a challenging time, finding solace and peace on the mat. After completing her 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India, she became an advocate for yoga's transformative power on mental health and well-being. In her classes, Chloe combines fun, playful flows with healing pranayama, guided meditation, and generous Savasana, aiming to share the enriching experience yoga has brought to her life with others.

Evi Constantinidou

Evi discovered yoga in 2015, finding it a source of physical and mental strength. After nearly a decade in the corporate world, she became a full-time yoga teacher in 2022, understanding firsthand the impact of workplace stress. Evi’s classes emphasize the benefits of yoga beyond just postures, offering a calm teaching style with pose variations and options. She encourages mindfulness, breathing, and a welcoming environment, helping students feel accepted and fostering a deep connection between body, mind, and soul.

Ammar Bass

Growing up in Hong Kong, Ammar was drawn to challenging activities like competitive swimming and weightlifting. It was during the pandemic that he discovered yoga, leading him to a transformative journey in the Himalayas. After immersing himself in the culture and living at an ashram for over a year, yoga became more than just a physical discipline—it became a path to profound life change. Transitioning from a desk job to teaching yoga and building houses, Ammar now leads a harmonious life. In his classes, expect a strong flow with a deep focus on mindfulness, aimed at helping students deepen their connection with their bodies and safely extend their limits. His sessions embody a moving meditation, welcoming and accessible to all.

Henry Procter

Henry's yoga journey began two decades ago with a transformative hot yoga class in Brighton, UK. Since then, he's found his calling in teaching yin yoga, offering a much-needed respite from the constant hustle of modern life. With a foundation in traditional hatha yoga and specialized training in yin yoga under Bernie Clark in Vancouver, Henry's classes seamlessly blend physical asana, mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga philosophy to create a deeply relaxing and holistic practice experience.

Veronica Youdell

Veronica, a creative and empathic soul, intertwines her passion for yoga with music facilitation and sound therapy. With a knack for catchy rap lyrics and improvised melodies, she brings a unique rhythm to her classes. Focusing on strong connections with the earth, Veronica guides students through quirky flows that prioritize breath support. A proponent of Slow Flow and Yin Yoga, she emphasizes the importance of slowing down and releasing tension, fostering transformation and deep healing while nurturing strength, flexibility, and discipline in both mind and body.

Larissa Viana

After arriving in London in 2013, Larissa discovered the transformative power of yoga, which enhanced both her physical and mental strength. After deepening her practice in India with Samyak Yoga in 2019, she's been sharing her passion across London. Dedicated to yoga as a lifestyle, Larissa fosters a safe, inclusive environment in her classes, using breath and movement to create a moving meditation that energizes or relaxes the mind, body, and spirit.


Isabel, an experienced teacher, finds strength in Power Yoga and serenity in pranayama and meditation. With over 15 years of practice, she's conquered anxiety and optimized her health. Combining Power Yoga and Pranayama in her signature 'Power to Prana' style, Isabel fosters sublime inner stillness. Her classes, welcoming yet challenging, inspire transformation at the edges of comfort zones, inviting students to embrace growth with each breath.